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    The UK & EU governments are now enforcing VAT for small purchases. The Clever Clove will not collect or submit VAT at checkout. When you go to collect your package, please expect your hedgehogs to be held by your post office until you have paid the VAT. 📦

    Please also expect your package to be held at customs for 2 weeks, which will add to the current shipping time for international packages.

    This all makes Henrietta very sad, but even after an intensely polite negotiations with European leaders, she was unable to bargain an exemption. She hopes to still make many trips to Europe. 🦔

    Name: Henrietta

    Species: Hedgehog

    Birthday: March 17th

    Favorite book: Toes look like beans

    Bio: Pusheen is a sweet, curious, lazy, & plump tabby cat that loves to have adventures. Her hobbies include blogging, snacking, taking naps, and being a unicorn/mermaid/dinosaur/various wild animals/a trio of pastel aliens on occasion.

    In a parallel universe with a mysterious connection to our own, Pusheen is a Pug.